Monitoring activity throughout your property
is crucial in preventing hazardous situations.

Whether you own a business or live a residential complex in Metro Vancouver, installing the right security camera system helps protect your property and deter crime. Searching for the perfect system to protect your premises can be overwhelming. 

There are numerous Video Surveillance systems in Vancouver that range from Internet Protocol (IP) cameras, Digital Video recorders, and even thermal cameras. With thousands of products available, let us guide you through a custom solution that will suit your needs.

BH Security Systems offers a wide range of surveillance solutions in the Metro Vancouver Area. We guide our clients through the process of selecting a camera system that compliments their space. We provide a free on-site consultation to identify the site’s unique characteristics and security blind spots.

Why should you upgrade your video surveillance system?

Knowing that the premises are under constant monitoring gives an increased sense of protection and calm. CCTV Video monitoring is still the best crime deterrent. 

The presence of cameras in the area deters intrusion and crime. 

The absence of monthly fees make up for the investment. You are owner of your Security Camera System, there is no additional contract.  Some insurance companies also give better rates if a system is in place.

In the event of a dispute, Video footage helps identify the people involved and facilitates police investigation.

Internet protocol and cloud-based devices automatically store the footage online.

Places all past and real-time footage at your disposition. This can be  accessed  anywhere in the world through a phone/tablet.

Protects workers from danger.

A custom Security system including Video Surveillance allows for monitoring at all times. Worldwide. 

Upgrading from an analog Camera System in Vancouver

Many of our clients choose to upgrade their outdated analog cameras to a digital System. This allows them to have a fully digital system and benefit from a higher video definition, all-time video access, AI-powered sensors, and more. We love to see the transformations, and our costumers satisfaction after they make the move. 

Why BH Security Systems?

We are experts at installing security camera systems in Vancouver. Our combined 20+ years in the
field demonstrate that every client’s needs are unique.
We offer:

We provide a free on-site consultation and ensure the product you select  fit  the unique needs and characteristics of the premises.

We train authorized users on the proper use of the system including how to implement minor changes (i.e. accessing footage and labeling each device)

We operate with a customer-first approach. Customer satisfaction is our most valuable asset. 

Still have questions?
Below are some commonly asked questions about our Camera System repair as well as our Camera System installation services in Vancouver.

Yes, at BH Security Systems we offer Camera System repair services throughout Metro Vancouver. Our repair locations include: Vancouver, Richmond, Delta, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, UBC, and many more! Contact us regarding your specific location!
Yes, at BH Security Systems we offer quality Camera System Installations services throughout Metro Vancouver. Our installation locations include: Vancouver, Richmond, Delta, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, UBC, and many more! Contact us regarding your specific location!
Our service fee is $90/hr + a trip charge based on your specific location ($50-100).  Our price does not include GST, and any parts needed will be charged separately. 
Our staff at BH Security Systems takes Covid-19 very seriously. All of our staff ( including our technicians ) are fully vaccinated. Masks will be worn when inside. Please contact us with any additional questions.
BH Security Systems is proud to be a 100% BC owned and operated business. A portion of our revenue goes back to various charities throughout Vancouver. We appreciate our clients, and strive to be a positive force in our community.

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