Comprehensive Network Infrastructure Solutions in Port Moody

A reliable network infrastructure is crucial for both commercial and residential properties. Our unified system integrates all structured cabling into one component, simplifying maintenance and support. We ensure seamless integration of existing hardware, equipment, phone/computer lines, and security systems, offering numerous benefits and preventing unexpected downtimes.

Our Four-Step Process for Network Infrastructure Installations


We offer a free on-site assessment of your network’s condition, aiming to create a structured plan to avoid unforeseen costs. We identify potential issues, such as incorrect architecture, faulty components, or traffic segregation problems.


Our team examines and creates a plan that includes running and determining cables while considering the network’s lifecycle and bandwidth requirements.


Our licensed professionals provide an installation free of power, cabling, or grounding problems.

Auditing and maintenance

We offer optional maintenance services to periodically check your network’s health and performance, ensuring seamless operation and enhanced security.

Our Commitment to Industry Standards

We provide network infrastructure solutions in Port Moody that meet the highest industry standards in reliability, practicality, and flexibility. Our custom solutions cater to your unique needs and allow for network expansion and versatility.

Why Choose BH Security Systems?

With over 20+ years in the field, we understand that every business requirement’s are unique. We are proud to offer market have shown us that every business’s needs are different. According to this, we offer:

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Frequently asked questions

Learn more about network infrastructure, its advantages, and benefits by exploring our frequently asked questions.

Network infrastructure refers to the underlying physical and virtual components that provide the framework for communication and data transmission within a network. It includes cabling, routers, switches, servers, and other networking devices.

Network infrastructure facilitates communication between devices and enables data transmission within a network. It also allows for the sharing of resources such as printers, files, and internet access.

The three key networking infrastructures are LAN (Local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network), and WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network). LAN refers to a network within a small geographic area, WAN covers a large geographic area, and WLAN uses wireless technology to connect devices within a small area.

Yes, WIFI is a form of network infrastructure that uses wireless technology to connect devices within a small area.

The main advantage of network infrastructure is that it enables efficient communication and data transmission between devices within a network. This improves productivity and collaboration, allowing businesses to operate more effectively.

A good network infrastructure provides reliable and secure communication between devices, allows for efficient data transmission, enables the sharing of resources, and can improve productivity and collaboration within a business. It can also help reduce downtime and maintenance costs, and support the scalability and growth of a business.

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