Top 5 Commercial Security Systems For Businesses

According to a recent survey on commercial and industrial properties, nearly 9% of businesses have encountered burglary in 2016. If you are a business owner, it can be a frightening thing to think about! After all, your business is your livelihood. You do not want to become a statistic.
Security Systems
Luckily, innovative solutions in the commercial security industry have allowed business owners with a reliable option to protect their property. The overall shift towards mobile technology has aided in these advances, and it has become imperative to stay one step ahead of criminals seeking to disrupt your business with a potential threat.
It is vital to take extra precautions to secure your premises. The following are some of the popular commercial security solutions for your business. Every client is has different needs, and at BH Security, we will guide you through the process of selection the best solution for your business.

Here are the top five current commercial security options that you should consider;

  1. Wireless technology 

 Commercial Security has become wireless in todays world. In the past, all the  components had to be hardwired, which is not a good fit for people concerned with  drilling through walls and ceilings to run cables to a primary security hub. Using wireless  devices, enables businesses to install a security system faster and with less entry points  to the structure of the building. 

This is a great idea if you rent the property or plan on moving to a new location soon.  The wireless components are also designed to interact with each other, so your system  always stays synchronized. 

  1. Touch screen Capability 

Most security systems are now being designed using touch screen monitoring, giving the  user full control remotely. Tasks like arming/ disarming and monitoring are only a few  clicks away. It can be accessed worldwide with any smart device.  

The touchscreen devices allow constant video Surveillance capacity through your smart  device. The advances in touch screen innovation have made superior quality gadgets  that are not difficult to use.  

  1. Security Sensors 

Multiple security sensors are advantageous if you own a large office or business with  warehouses or storage units that need to be monitored. The sensors ensure that all  areas on site are protected from various intrusions. The motion detectors including  window and door sensors will provide excellent coverage and alert you in case of any  burglary or break-in remotely. 

 Some sensors are wireless and can be synced up to your touchscreen system. 

  1. Smartphone controls 

Everything is possible on a smartphone, and commercial security systems are no  exception. Today, you can get the quick access to status of your business security  whenever you need in real time. The smartphone controls enable arming capabilities  and video monitoring and can be connected to access control for entry. 

Your smartphone will also be alerted if there’s unwanted movement at your business  site. This features further allows you to streamline the entire security system to work  together in harmony. 

  1. Video Monitoring Devices 

The use of video surveillance equipment as a security precaution is in high demand.  Innovation in video capability and quality has made video monitoring into an invaluable  resource. The video surveillance includes; CCTV Video Surveillance cameras, video  capable intercoms and enter-phones, and hidden security cameras in remote locations. 

These surveillance cameras can now be remotely controlled with smartphones, tablets,  and laptops worldwide. The technology allows for a new level of convenience and  coverage when it comes to monitoring your property. 

How Alarm systems work? 

The alarm system has a keypad which is used to turn the system on and off. The keypad  isn’t the brain of the system; it’s simply how you interact with it. The keypad activates  and deactivates devices connected to the security alarm system, such as; door contacts,  motion detectors, glass break detectors beams, or any other device that may be securing  your building. We also call it “arming and disarming” 

The brain of the security alarm system is the control panel, which is usually located in an  electrical telephone or other security of a building. All these security devices can be  connected to the control panel by wires or wireless communication. 

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